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Which Is The Best Bedliner? ArmorThane Vs Line-X, Vs Rhino Liner

ArmorThane bedliners are beautiful! Their 30+ years of experience have allowed them to perfect their look. They also train each applicator in the proper application techniques so you can get that same sleek, polished look. 

This is a significant advantage of their bedliners over all others in the industry.

 ArmorThane bedliners fit perfectly to your truck bed, hold the floor very well and will not cause any bubbling on your truck bed.

ArmorThane has a rough texture which helps to prevent skids. This means that it can hold cargo very well. This rough surface is not for everyone, as it can be hard on your hands and knees. This may mean that you will have to sit down and look in the back.

The ArmorThane truck bedliner looks amazing, is tough, dries quickly and doesn't run.

You can request customization to smoothen the surface. However, it will appear less glossy if you wish to tone down the texture. ArmorThane claims that a harder surface is more durable and resists wear and tear, which is why it has been beaten by Line-X and Rhino lining.

The process of applying for all three products is very similar. It is worth noting that cargo could be damaged by a hard surface, especially if it is wooden crates. If this is not an issue, ArmorThane's bedliner is a good choice. It's a product that no one ever regrets.

It all comes down to your willingness to give up some comfort in order to achieve ruggedness.

Pros and Cons of ArmorThane

ArmorThane is stronger and more durable than other materials due to its harder surface. ArmorLiner, their most recent modified and updated flagship product is a great example.

ArmorThane can absorb sound when used.

The unit fits perfectly in your truck bed and is very easy to install.

It dries in 3-5 minutes after it has been applied.

Spray-on bedliners form a permanent bond to your truck bed.

Spray in truck bed liner are resistant to gasoline, diesel, and other chemicals.

Rhino Liner

The most noticeable difference between these three liner types is their texture in this ArmorThane vs. Rhino vs. LineX battle. Rhino is a lot more flexible and a lot less durable than ArmorThane.

Rhino truck bedliners made from thicker material aren't as rough as those used for ArmorThane. Rhino's liners are the more gentle choice of the two. These will protect your truck bed, but they don't cover your cargo or your precious hands and knees.

Rhino bedliners also have the best anti-slip features. This will vary depending on which finish you choose. You will notice a less slippery liner if you choose a glossy finish. You will have to accept a matte-like appearance if you choose a better antislip liner.

The Rhino Lining, which is thicker than Line-X is better at dampening vibrations and sounds when hauling cargo. 

For those who prefer a quiet ride, this can be very helpful. 

The Rhino lining is also softer so it may not be as durable or tear-resistant as other materials. It protects against weather, corrosion, impact, weather and abrasion. Rhino adds a lifetime warranty to make sure your mind is at ease.

Finally, the protective coating must be applied by an experienced Rhino Linings Dealer using specialized equipment. This will increase the cost, but it is well worth the quality.

Pros and Cons of Rhino Liner

The Rhino liner's soft texture is much more comfortable than the ArmorThane.

This liner is thicker and works to dampen sound, as well as reduce the impact.

Rhino's soft surface is more comfortable for cargo than other bedliners that have a rougher surface. You can also get non-flammable, UV-resistant and waterproof coating protections for an additional cost.

What Are the Similarities between the Three?

Let's now look at some similarities between the brands. This ArmorThane vs. Rhino Liner vs. LineX Liner comparison would not be complete without mentioning the common ground among the three.

It doesn't matter what brand of bedliner it is, it will work if you install it correctly.

Truck bed liners can be destroyed by UV radiation. No matter what liner you choose, UV protection is essential. ArmorThane has the advantage of offering products that can restore any fading.

Although the chemical compositions of the ArmrThane and Rhino truck spray bedliners are identical, it is the way they are installed that will determine the quality. 

Before applying any bedliner to your truck bed, clean it thoroughly.

Although the colors of the liner finish may vary, they are almost the same. However, there are a few customizable bedliner options.

The cost of hiring a professional to install the bedliner and the price of the DIY product are really not that far off from one another.

Knowing the differences and advantages of each brand of liner, you will be able to choose the best bedliner.

They both protect your truck bed with antiskid, weatherproof, sound dampening, and weatherproof features. These features protect your truck bed from water, chemicals and corrosion.


It's not as simple as picking the bedliner you like. It is important to consider what the bedliner will do for your truck and you.

Are you looking for a cleaner finish, but one that is less harsh on your cargo? Are you prone to hauling heavy or sharp objects that could cause damage to the bedliner?

All these factors are important in deciding which bedliner is best.

We will always remind you about the quality of the applicator, regardless of what product you choose. ArmorThane is a leader in the industry, having spent over 30 years developing their products and techniques.

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